29 Seven (one)

29 Seven (one)

Check out these two shots molds china images:

29 Seven (one)
two shots molds china
Image by Terry McCombs
For the last seven and a half years there have been plains to build a 7-story condominium tower with space for 66 one and two bedroom apartments… pardon me… units, if you have to pay a mortgage on it, even if it looks and functions like an apartment it’s a home, as well as space for 8 retail businesses.

While the businesses that were open and thriving there, the Southside Cafe really did serve a good breakfast, were closed up and torn down, there was nothing to worry about, think how much better the new thing would be?

It didn’t happen.

Three years later the plan returns, this time with 4-story, building with 71 condos and 9 spaces for retail.

That didn’t happen either.

Well…. it’s back again (they just can’t keep any body locked up Arkham Asylum for very long can they?)

This time however they say there is a really, really good shot of it taking place.

We’ll see.

Now while the question of the new building remains to be seen, there is one thing that was set up on the sight by the 29Seven people. And I think it’s just a little bit odd.

You see it on your right, if you’re driving west down 7th Ave. South, and you would probably never give it a second glance.

It’s the home of 29Seven, or I assume that was it is meant to be, and that is what it looks like, however if you walk up to it and take a look it’s another thing altogether.

In China Miéville’s 2010 dark fantasy Kraken he had one point has his characters visit the Embassy of the Ocean in London, in which the watery part of the world indeed does have an embassy on the surface world.

The 7th Ave. “home” of 29Seven looks as if it could be the Embassy of Mold.

Once you get a look inside the place you find that no one could possible be using it, as everything is rotting, covered in mold, what looks perhaps to be fire damage smoke, and / or thick sheets of dust.

While at the same time it does not look as if it is completely abandoned either, but a working place that that just got left, the tin walled… I don’t know…. transporter chamber? still looking usable, whatever that use might have been, it looks as if the population just fled from some Cinematic style disaster with plans to return once the zombies / alien invaders / or mutant whatevers were taken care of.

I think the zombies may be winning.

Anyway….. here are some shots of place.