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china injection moulding process
Image by Danny Choo
Soon after a number of meetings with different angel investors, I accepted an investment of 30 million USD for a 15% share of Mirai Robotics. I will sustain complete autonomy in regards to company and monetary decisions beneath the condition that I sell 1 million Smart Dolls by Feb 2018 and the points below cover exactly how I’m going to do this.

2014/05: Smart Doll Manual version is released.
2014/07: Sensible Doll OuterShell (外皮) factory setup complete for vinyl pulls.
2014/10: Smart Doll OuterShell injection molding design and style total.
2014/11: Acquisition of doll wig and apparel studio in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Barcelona.
2014/12: Launch of Smart Doll Injection Molded OuterShell version in time for the vacation Christmas season worldwide. Anticipated quantity of units sold is 20,000. Mirai Robotics staff numbers reach 200.
2014/12: Intelligent Doll Automatic version is released.
2015/02: Open Wise Doll shops in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York, Tokyo, London.
2015/12: 200,000 units of Sensible Doll sold. Mirai Robotics staff numbers reach 450. Smart Doll stores open in Seattle, Vancouver, Moscow, Manila, China, Korea.
2016/12: 500,000 units of Wise Doll sold.
2017/06: Open Wise Doll Retailers in Dubai, France, Milano. 800,000 units of Intelligent Doll sold
2018/02: 1 million units of Smart Doll sold. Total staff count at this time is 950.
The injection molding approach of the OuterShell and acquisition of accessory makers will make certain that growth will be agressive.

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