Injection Mould Manufacturer

As a leading high precision injection mold China maker, we supply top quality plastic tooling at very low making costs to serve thousands of clients on the planet to shoot their headache troubles involving unstable quality, rough tolerance or long lead-time.

Thanks to the hard work of our experienced engineers and skilled technicians, over the past 12 years, we've successfully developed hundreds of plastic moulds totally comply to the Western tooling standards, for customer from a wide range of fields, which include medical, household appliances, automotive, industrial tools and telecommunications.

As a only hybrid solution for companies that look for Western quality but better Chinese prices, we build high quality injection molds via modern plastic mold technologies and advanced equipment including wire EDM, high speed CNC, mirror EDM, CMM, etc.

With strong communication skills, we will assist customers from the beginning project define, mold design, mold making, injection molding, printing, assembling, packaging to the final shipping to save them all hassles.


Injection Mold Making

Being an outstanding plastic injection mold China company, we specialise in designing and manufacturing close-tolerance molds, complicated moulds and large-scale plastic tooling that most factories can not produce.

We have rich experience in complex mould designing, including gas assisted mold, over mould, two-shot, inner slide tool, angle loose core, unscrewing hot nozzle, hot runner hydraulic cylinder, two stage delay ejection, rotate ejector or cavity unscrewing.

60% injection molds we make are exported to America, Japan and Europe, which have to meet SPI Class 101 with guarantee of 1 million molding cycles. These molds can be smoothly used and maintained because they fully reach local standards over there.

We carry out strict manufacturing standards and inspection rules for any injection mold made in our factory. All moulds have to be run for a couple of hours to confirm perfect production situation before shipping them to customers. Therefore any mold will get into smooth molding production without trouble when they reach client's working factory.


Injection Molding Services

As a competent plastic injection moulding China supplier, we have gained practical experience for more than 15 years and have mastered full-scale knowledge of injection moulding process for various plastics.

Having modern injection moulding machine with clamping force range from 200 to 2000 tons and auxiliary devices for gas assisted moulding, multiple molding even two-shot molding, we may run a wide scope of mould to produce parts to fit client's requirements.

We're good at both designing and molding parts made from usual plastic materials including HIPS, Nylon, glass-filled plastics, PP, PE, POM, ABS and transparent plastics like PC or PMMA. But special materials or brand resins from Sabic, Ge or DSM can be ordered and molded in case of demands.

Small volume molding is acceptable for us. Meanwhile, medium volume to high volume quantity can be handled by our capabilities. Once an order is placed, high quality, short lead-time and satisfied services must be guaranteed. Special packaging can be also provided according to client's requirements.


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To receive fast quote of injection molds or plastic molded parts, please email us 2D technical drawings in DWG or PDF format and 3D model drawings in IGES, STEP or X_T format.

If all requirements are clearly detailed, such as material, tolerance, quantity, lead time, package, heat and surface treatment, formal quotation will be ready in 24 hours.